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Jan Meyers Proett, M.A., LPC

Mining Stories, Crafting Words, Loving Living Things

Jan's Blog


Endorsements and Praise for the Book

Posted on August 5, 2013 at 2:24 AM
Promotion (especially self-promotion) is dissonant for me... but not enough to keep me from being thrilled with the thoughts and responses to the book!  Especially by so many for whom I have such great respect.  I love that these folks have read the book and took the time to endorse it!  
"Every failure of love, cruel word, broken loyalty, withdrawal of care arises from the war within.   We live out the war of our divided self and the debris casts a shadow over every relationship.  Jan Proett has lovingly and graciously allowed us to enter her world to see not only the harm but the hope.  The more we tell the truth about our war the more the healing our heart is open to receive.  And the hope is always the beauty we have been made to be in the light of the true beauty of Jesus.  Beauty and the Bitch pushes the envelope of language and invites us to consider the depths of what inflicts not only a woman's heart but a man's as well.  I winch with the B-word and how it may be used by a man against a woman or by a woman with cavalier contempt.  Jan is a courageous woman to name her inner war with that word, and she is aware as I am that it is never the prerogative of any man, ever, no matter the depths of sin, to use that word against his wife or any other woman.  May your reading invite you to the face of beauty you are and the one you are to become."   
~Dan B. Allender Ph.D.
Professor of Counseling Psychology and Founding President
The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology 
"Jan's words will heal and minister life to the broken places for so many women. Instead of resorting to armour or performance, Jan encourages us to embrace the dignity and identity found in Christ. It's an honest and timely book for many women."
~ Sarah Bessey, author of Jesus Feminist.
There is Life found in Jan’s words.  Light and life.  Fearless truth.  Vulnerable honesty.  Soaring hope. Fiery love.  The kind that changes a person in the way one longs to be changed. I have been seen and not rejected but understood.  Not only have I been understood but I’ve been invited to see myself, my life, my way  through the eyes of Love.
The invitation extended in “Beauty and the Bitch” is to not turn our face away from ourselves but to take a fearless look.  A grace-filled look.  A look that we are safe to take because we do it while securely held in the embrace of our loving God who has already shamelessly, flagrantly decreed that we are beautiful.   In this stunning work, Jan shares intimately her journey, her failings, her pain, her story– and the steady restoring presence of Love throughout.  It is overflowing with wisdom and hope; winsomely, brilliantly and honestly written. Read it.  Take the risk.  Choose to come more alive.  Awaken. Increasingly come out of hiding and be found by the One who has always been pursuing you. 
~ Stasi Eldredge, author of Captivating and Becoming Myself.
The title of this book obviously grabbed my attention. But I'm so grateful I didn't stop with the cover for what oozes from the chapters and paragraphs and lines and words is very good news, and heaven knows we need more of that. Author Jan Meyers Proett practices midwifery here. By confessionally sharing the pangs of her own story Jan encourages the birth of something in you and me: beauty - not as the world defines but as God desires. This process is not pretty, but the world doesn't need more pretty. The world needs more beautiful. 
Thank you, Jan.
~ John Blase, author of Know When To Hold 'Em and All is Grace (with Brennan Manning for Brennan’s memoir)

Categories: Beauty and the Bitch book, control, redemption, restoration, femininity

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